• 1. How can I open a store to sell products?
    For the first time signing in this site, go to My Store page and create a Store by providing your information. You also need to have a Paypal account to pay for featuring and publishing store fees. These fees will be set in back-end by admin.
  • 2. How can I manage my products?
    All your products will be listed on My Store -> My Products page. We support functions: Edit/Delete if Admin allows Show/Hide Products in Back-End Setting. 
  • 3. I have many kinds of products, so can I create more than one store?
    No, each account is allowed to create only one store. You can classify your products by adding them to different categories.
  • 4. What kind of products can be sold on this site?
    There are many kinds of products can be sold on this site and the most popular purchases are computer related or high-tech products such as cell-phones, laptops, camera, and so on. Besides, there are also some other popular products (books, travel, clothing, recorded music, subscriptions, gifts and investments).
  • 5. How do I close my store?
    Stores cannot be closed. Each account has only one store and the account owner can only show/hide it on My Store page. 
  • 6. Which fees do I have to pay to become a seller?
    Whenever you publish and feature your products, you have to pay publishing and featuring product fees. Commission fee will be charged with each product unit which is bought. These fees will be set by admin.
  • 7. What is maximum quantity per product for each purchase?
    Maximum and minimum quantity per purchase are maximum and minimum numbers of units which a user could buy from a product with each purchase. These numbers are set when a product is created by store owner.
  • 8. How do I monitor my store?
    Go to My Store -> Store Statistic to view your store’s statistics. Go to My Store -> Product Statistic to view your products’ statistics.
  • 9. How do I buy a product?
    User account and Paypal account are required. Once you have these accounts, you can start buying by adding products you’d like to buy to Cart and Check out with Paypal. After completing transaction with Paypal you can manage your orders on My Orders page.
  • 10. I like a product but my finance account is out of money now. How can I keep track of the product for the next time I visit back to this site?
    Add the product to your Favorite products list. Next time you get back to the site, it still exists in your favorite list. In case, seller deletes your favorite product, you will be notified by email.
  • 11. I like most of products in a Store. Is there anyway for me to keep track of the Store?
    Click ‘Follow’ the store you like, and then system will send notification emails whenever products of that store are created or deleted.
  • 12. How can products be delivered to buyer?
    Seller will base on shipping information to deliver the products.
  • 13. Can I receive all products in an order at the same time?
    No, it depends on delivery days of each product.
  • 14. How can a seller receive money from a buyer?
    When buyers buy products, money will be sent to admin finance account. Seller can request money from admin on My Account page.