Peter Ross
Translator & Editor at ILA Viet Nam
Vietnam Back Office
Amway Vietnam Co., Ltd.
HCMC University of Social Science and Humanities, The Australian National University, Australian National Unviersity
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    • Growing up in the PNG highlands, my father a theologian, my mother a concert pianist, and me the youngest of four siblings debating at the dinner table, were key formative influences for me. The highlands introduced me to adventure into far flung places, comfort in a world surrounded by multiple languages and cultures, and a love of reading about other lives and places. Spontaneous mealtime debates taught me to listen and reason. My mother’s music gave me mine.

      Years later it was lap-swimming that concretized a key life concept for me: deep immersion. In those days, I swam two kilometers. Toward the end of that distance, I had left everything else behind, and become a fish-like object propelling itself through the water. Environments for deep concentration are taken for granted in the West. They are how we learn. In the Far East, they are rarely part of daily routines and must be sought after, heavily impacting what can be achieved.

      Thirty years’ association with Southeast Asia beginning in my late teens is what my goals revolve around today. Mastering two tonal languages, Thai and Vietnamese, to the point my hairy, white exterior has often been queried as to which of its parents was Asian, is no small feat. Yet the anomaly is a good indication of the turmoil beneath the veneer of a West that “accepts” difference, and an East that “rejects” it.

      As a Thai and Vietnamese to English translator, editor of English, and teacher and researcher of language, history and culture, I give the best my abilities allow and my situation inhibits. I have an artist’s bent for perfection, even at the cost of my own time and effort when the task calls for less. I have a scholar’s desire for clarity and understanding, knowing many things can be built without them but none that will last. And I have the adventurer’s thirst for the new, ever wanting to go where no man has gone, while knowing the law of life that the financial rewards go those who come after.

    • ESL Teacher
      Dec 2008
      Dec 2022
      - Worked for 7 years for a Top 40 Foreign Invested Company in Vietnam - Taught classes and private English as a Second Language courses to Vietnamese, Lao, Chinese and Korean students aged from Kindergarten to Adult from beginner to IELTS and TOEFL accumulating around 2000 hours of ESL teaching experience - Developed engaging, high-quality handouts and interactive computer-based activities involving still images, sound, and video using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint, Visual Basic, ABBY FineReader, GIMP, Paint, Audacity, Windows MovieMaker, SubtitleWorkshop and Active Inspire to improve students' accuracy and fluency at all levels - Worked as a Language Level Placement Tester for all ages, and an examiner in mock tests for Cambridge and IELTS - Develop computer-based pair-testing prompts for young learners - Took part in a range of special event activities for students and staff at Christmas, Halloween, and Tet. - Undertook regular on-the-job training, attended conferences, and engaged in professional reading to improve my teaching knowledge and skills
    • Director - Translator
      Amway Vietnam Co., Ltd.
      Oct 2006
      Nov 2008
      - Prepared and negotiated paperwork for business investment application for proprietary limited company in Vietnam, including reading (in Vietnamese) relevant laws such as the Publishing Law, Business Law, and Investment Law - Carried out basic steps for setting up company after licence approval, including with the Tax Department and negotiated and worked with accounting outsourcer to carry out all tax and other government required reporting (e.g. Bureau of Labour, Bureau of Statistics) - Purchased, tested, and used CAT tools and other software relevant to translation - Completed translation of one book-length work of junior fiction from Thai to English, published by Mekong Press in 2015 - Translated two Vietnamese short stories in cooperation with the Vietnam Writer's Association and Charles Waugh for publication online and in book form - Co-translated the translation of one Vietnamese short story into Thai and translated miscellaneous short stories and poetry for authors in Thailand, particularly in conjunction with Pajonphai Publishing - Edited poetry translations for a collection by Vietnamese poet ViLi in cooperation with the Vietnamese Writer's Association - Coordinated necessary paperwork for dissolving of proprietary limited company
    • HCMC University of Social Science and Humanities
      Advanced Vietnamese, Vietnamese Language, Pass
      Degree Associated Degree
      Six months full-time study at the Faculty of Vietnamese at Ho Chi Minh City University of Social Sciences and Humanities under Nguyen Van Pho and others.
      • Web Designer EU Design Studio
        He is the best student
    • The Australian National University
      Study of image schemas in Thai
      Degree Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)
      Activities & Societies Cooperation on tone language research
    • Australian National Unviersity
      Thai Language and Linguistics
      Degree Bachelor Degree
      Activities & Societies Thai Students Association, Hong Kong Students Association
      Pursued a course of study in Southeast Asian Languages and Culture and became interested in image schemas in Thai
    • Advanced Vietnamese
      Certification Authority University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Ho Chi Minh City
      License Number VSLC0710110
      Oct 2007
      Dec 2022
    • Thai
      Proficiency Fill Working
    • Vietnamese
      Proficiency Professional Working
    • French
      Proficiency Limited Working
    • Tok Pisin
      Proficiency Limited Working
  • Top Skills

    17 Teaching
    13 Editing
    5 Singing
    • An Integrated Computer-Video Approach to Learning Non-Roman Asian Scripts
      Publication/Publisher National Teaching Workshop, Griffith University, Brisbane
      Publication Date Oct 1993
      Review of issues relating to development of multimedia materials for learning foreign language scripts with application to Thai.
    • Mekong Kids
      Publication/Publisher Mekong Press
      Publication Date Aug 2005
      Translation of award-winning junior fiction by Thai author "Khemachat" about an overweight boy growing up in culturally diverse northeastern Thailand.
  • Received (2) Given (1)
    • Amway Vietnam Co., Ltd.
    • HCMC University of Social Science and Humanities
      • Web Designer at EU Design Studio
        He is the best student
        May, 08, 2015, Peter Ross was senior to Sophia Jolie but didn't manage directly at HCMC University of Social Science and Humanities
    • Certificate of Teaching Excellence
      ESL Teacher ILA Viet Nam
      Strong Customer Satisfaction Survey scores and high quality teaching
      Dec 2011
    • Scholarship
      Student The Australian National University
      Institute of Middle European Culture, Bolzano, Italy
      Jul 1999
    • PhD Scholarship
      Student The Australian National University
      Australian Postgraduate Award Basic Level (BAP)
      Aug 1995
    • HCMC University of Social Science and Humanities
      Independent Coursework | K99