Ackerley Am
Web designer at Bettertax
Texas, USA Food & Beverage
Texas, USA
Epinion, Smith Butler
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    • Working as web designer / web front-end developer for almost 4 years. This is the kind of work that really interested me and keep me learning every days, which is really a great combination between art and developing environment. People like me always try to bring out the best we can from those inspiration things around us.

    • Web designer / Front-end developer
      Jun 2012
      Oct 2021
      - Working as a main UI/UX web designer and Front end developer - Collaborate with a web freelance team.
    • Web designer / Front-end dev
      May 2009
      May 2012
      - Prepare rough sketches & sample wireframes of UI design and websites using Balsamiq wireframe application. - Design User Interface for website and other web elements using Photoshop. - Analyze User Experience through designs with user-object-oriented. - Collaborate with back-end team and other developers to integrate client requirements design intro real solution. - Implement designs in HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, with basic understanding of AngularJs framework and guaranteed web browser compatibility. - Responsive website implementation - Internal website application maintenance, manage resources.
    • Web Graphic/ Designer/Developer
      May 2007
      Jan 2009
      - Template webpages are created in PSD, and have converted to static webpages using XHTML, HTML5, CSS, CSS3, JavaScript, preferably with jQuery framework. - Mobile device, tablet device HTML version developing. Build template base on CMS like Wordpress, Joomla. - Collaborate with back-end team and other technical developers to integrate back end and front end issues, upgrade template. - Website maintenance, manage resource, control timeline.
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    5 Dreamweaver
    6 PHP
    5 Web Design
    4 Web developer
    5 Web Application
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