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    • Good knowledge about electronic, electrical, and telecommunication technology
      Good knowledge about management skills
      Much experience in doing marketing and market research
      Much experience in working for projects, foreign & joint venture companies
      Much experience in dealing with local State & Authority agencies
      Confident, proactive, flexible and responsible in work duties
      Good problem solving ability and being able to work independently as well as in a team.
      Strong communication and interpersonal skills
      Being very adaptable to a new working environment and ability to work under pressure
      Good computer skills and proficiency with major computer applications (Microsoft word, excel, PowerPoint, internet, e-mail, etc.)
      Trained about Mobile testing of Lionbridge in Beijing, China
      Trained about overview of CDMA 2000 1X network of S-telecom in Viet Nam.
      Trained about CDMA Engineering basic of Qualecom in Viet Nam
      Trained about base station system (BSS) of Sam Sung in Viet Nam 
      Knowledge about mobile phone network (Repeater, BTS, BSC, MSC,…)
      Trained about Time Management Skills

    • Vice Director
      Jun 2013
      Oct 2021
      Implement telecommunication infrastructures (as base transceiver station) for telecommunication services supplier, real estate business Responsibilities: - Manage and coordinate all business activities as assigned by the management board - Develop company’s strategies, objectives and business plan time to time. Supervise the implementation of each department - Prepare for bidding proposal; participate in bids for implementing telecommunication infrastructures. - Select sub-contractors and supervise implementation of all projects - Create and maintain good relations with customers and partners - Make periodic or unscheduled report
    • Site Acquisition Coordinator
      Aug 2008
      Oct 2021
      Manage and follow subcontractors (about 10 ASPs) to deploying base station system in GSM mobile network for Vietnamobile project. Site Acquisition TSS: Leader of TSS team + Technical site survey for prime candidate. + Recheck site information and Landlord’s legal documents. + Negotiate with owner for make contracts. + Send daily report and TSSR to SA coordinator Site Acquisition Coordinator: + Manage, follow and support SA subcontractor site survey, ask them try to find out 3 candidates for a site. + TSV decide to choice the best candidate of site. + Manage and make plan TSS for the best candidates of my zone. + Ask ASP negotiate with owner and make contract for all candidates approved by TSS team + Double check all documents of ATPs before submit to client + Support CW team handover site to ASP CW + Supervise construction and installing equipment until BTS on air + Support to solve problems relating to build the site + Ensuring implementation progress in my management area, and make reports. Building Permits Coordinator: + Manage and follow BP subcontractors make building permit for BTS.
    • Mobile Tester
      Jul 2010
      Apr 2013
      Perform test cases such as Network selection, Email, Telephony, SMS, MMS, Browser, BB messenger, Tethered Modem, Video streaming, GPS, Mobile Hotspot, Video call, Mobility testing … on Blackberry smartphone with all carriers in Viet Nam. I will try find out bug and also report anything not working, working not properly as intended in the smartphone software version, devices function and application description. I will report detail for each of bugs such as bug description, software application version, software platform version, devices PIN, test case ID, steps to reproduce, expected behavior, actual behavior, reference behavior, frequency of occurrence, screenshot, logs file and any comments of the bugs. Update daily report to team meetings and send final report to client at weekend.
  • Top Skills

    6 Mobile Devices
    6 Cellular Communications
    4 Test Planning
    5 GSM