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Lữ Gia Plaza, phường 15, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
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Head of Digital Marketing Service Business – Insight Digital

Lữ Gia Plaza, phường 15, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Job Description

-      We are looking for a  Head of Digital Marketing  Business Service  – Insight Digital  with D/C level who can leverage our technology power (YouNet Corporation) and our deeply knowledge  of market insight (YouNet Media) to provide best digital strategy and execution for customers.

-      As the first important brick of the great wall that we are going to build, we need this candidate must be strong in strategy and management as well as with business development.

-      With your passion, willingness and experience plus  our support with 100+ people  from technical experts, creative designers, social  network/social media experts, social media research experts, etc., you can can make up something special. We would like to hear something that you can draw out at interview as well.

Desired Skills & Experience


  • -      Develop business in associated with group strategy including  business strategy, P&L and operations
  • -      Be a strong marketing strategic and planning key staff for strategic customers
  • -      Polish and build expertise for the business such as  360-degree Social Media Management and Development, Niche Marketing, etc.
  • -      Report to   BOD
  • -      Having 10 years of experience in marketing, 5 years+ with digital marketing
  • -      Having ability to build a strong digital marketing team with well-organized and process
  • -      Having fluency in speaking English
  • -      Having excellent presentation, communication, persuasion skill


Additional Information
So if you are so good a person like that, why don’t you do your own but work for us or why don’t you work for for a big company ? Below is answer:
    1. -     Start-up is not easy, struggling everything by a single person is a nightmare. You have only 30% of skills to form something completed, we give you another 70% to get success.
    2. -      We can give you  bonus share option or make joint venture with you based on your finance status. Shareholder of a larger company that is better than owning a small company and have to face many difficulties alone.
    3. -     Doing start-up,  you can improve all skills as you will be the captain who drives the ship.
    4. -     Get coaching and partner:  We did succeed with many start-ups then we know how to coach a start-up. Moreover, you will have partners who will complement your weakness and share things with you daily.
Lữ Gia, 15, 11, Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam