Welcome to YouNet's demo site!
This demo site will allow you to experience the overall look and feel of SocialEngine platform, its easy-to-use functions and features. This site also contains various functional plugins of YOUNET to give you an idea of different business models possibilities, while remaining close to default "out of the box" SocialEngine site.
Currently, this site is applied with SocialEngine's default template - which helps delivering the real sense of SocialEngine to users. Of course, if you prefer different choices and layouts, we have many other options for you! Please take a couple minutes to browse our collection of RESPONSIVE TEMPLATES.
Our goal for this demo is to give you a solid understanding of the basic functionalities offered by SocialEngine and the flexibilities of YouNet's functional plugins. Thus you can imagine how it would apply to your communities or businesses. If you have any further questions, please feel free to CONTACT US. We're glad to help you taking steps to make the most of your SocialEngine websites.
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Our Plugins/Widgets
    • Contact Importer
      Contact Importer provides a form for your users to enter their email address and password. With Contact Importer plugin, users can access to visitors address books to invite them to connect in all major email providers and social networks around the world. View More
    • Social Media Importer
      Social Media Importer is a right tool for your members if you want to enrich your site. It imports Photo from other top social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, and Picasa. Members will be able to get their photos from other social networks and set these photos... View More
    • Social Connect
      Social Connect is a safe, faster, and easier way to log in by using existing accounts in Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, MySpace, LinkedIn, Windows Live, Hyves, … up to more than 14 providers. With Social Connect, saving time to sign up and securing password will make... View More
    • Social Publisher
      Social Publisher is a safer, faster and easier way to publish users’ activities and update users’ statuses from SocialEngine to Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn. With Social Publisher, your website will be promoted as a friendly and professional network as well as a well-known... View More
    • Advanced Blog
      If your members are fans of writing and used to be attracted by SE Blog, then Advanced Blog is a module that you can not simply miss. Advanced Blog is an enhancement in SE Blog. It is not only inherited basic features in blog writing but also upgraded with many new ones... View More
    • Advanced Forum
      Advanced Forum module is an enhancement to SE’s core forum module by supporting multi-level forum, friendly customized photo icons for specific forum category, and multi-photo attachments for each post. With Advanced Forum, users can search for topics displayed in order... View More
    • Advanced Album
      Advanced Album is an enhancement of SE Photo Albums plugin that makes your users enjoy with photo/album sharing and viewing/exploring. The plugin makes your users having more engagement with your site and boost interaction between users. The plugin now reaches to the ne... View More
    • Advanced Event
      Advanced Event plugin includes many features that enable users to plan and publicize the occasions to bring the right people to the right place, at the right time. Using our Advanced Event is the right way to ensure that you can create the “wow factor” in each event. Ad... View More
    • Advanced Group
      SE Group Plug-in is basic where not many features offered for Site Administrator, Group Owners and Group Member such as “Useful Links”, “Group Email”, “Group Video”, “External Inviter” and so on. The privacy configuration is quite simple, Group Ownership could not be tr... View More
    • Advanced Video
      Improve your user experiences with our Advanced Video plugin, one of the most convenient video-sharing tools streaming videos from YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo right on your site. Served as an enhancement to SE video plugin, Advanced Video offers many features that a... View More
    • Advanced Member
      Social networking site have become an important tool for contacts, communication, sharing, and discovery. However, a considerable challenge it is facing is the ability to connect people and establish the connection between individuals who might or might not know each ot... View More
    • Social Store
      Social Store is the great tool which turns your social community to online super store. It is based on well-known e-commerce business models, plus wide range of attractive widgets. Your members will have their own store where they can sell both tangible and intangible p... View More
    • Mp3 Music Selling Solution
      Through Mp3 Music Selling Solution, members are allowed selling or buying music with online payment on Social Engine Site. In addition, Artists can upload music in order to share or sell their music. These activities therefore enable to increase the numbers of member in... View More
    • Auction Like eBay
      Running an eBay-like auction on your site with our Auction plugin enables users to earn money by posting their items (goods or services) and publish them for bidding. This plugin is served as an online market in which buyers enter competitive bids and sellers enter comp... View More
    • GroupBuy
      GroupBuy plugin operates in a similar fashion as Groupon, Living Social in SocialEngine site. With GroupBuy, Sellers/Merchants are able to sell their products at lower price than market price (50%-90% sale off); buyers can get a good product at a lowest possible price o... View More
    • Advanced Payment Gateway
      Advanced Payment Gateway is an extension of SocialEngine Payment Gateway. With Advanced Payment Gateway tightly-integrated in place, it offers more payment processing option to site owners as well as members . In addtion, the billing cycle option is also well compatibl... View More
    • Member Management System
      If you are an admin of a social network, Member Management will be an excellent tool for you to manage your members more effectively. This plug-in provides you with multiple methods to manage your members by using usernames, email addresses and IPs. With Member Manageme... View More
    • Minify- Speed Up Your SE4
      Minify plugin empowers SE website to stream faster by removing unnecessary white space and comments, reducing HTTP requests and JS/CSS bandwidth. SE website therefore is improved by optimizing the loading time. With Minify plugin, SE website will run faster and smoother... View More
    • Moderation Tool
      This plugin is a tool which will be your effective assistance in managing new created contents on your site. Being an Admin of a social network, you have to manage a large amount of new content and report from users created everyday. The thing is, these contents and re... View More
    • Snow Falling Effect
      It is totally convinced that you know nothing about Christmas if you have never once played under falling snow. However, it seems to be a starry-eyed with those who live in tropical countries. This year, with Snow Fall we will bring Christmas to your site. View More
    • Mobile Application
      Mobile Application is essential to the success of any Social Network. YouNet Mobile Application for SocialEngine based site is a perfect answer to this need. It does not only bring the better way for your users to experience your site but also make your site more profes... View More
    • Mobile View
      Mobile Template is the best way to display your site on mobile devices using web browsers. With a friendly user interface, easy navigation and focused content, your members would be comfortable browsing your site for posts or photos with having to constantly zooming in ... View More
    • Business Directory
      The booming of Social Network has created a trend in online advertising. Many businesses now look at niche social network for opportunities because nothing can kick off a business faster than community reviews. Members of a niche social network tend to trust each other... View More
    • Job Posting
      What makes a business oriented social network successful? By definition, business oriented social network is a place where professionals connect and share job opportunities. This is also a place where companies look for talents to work for them. Understanding the need f... View More
    • Resume
      Resume, a fantastic plugin, a valuable addition to a professional social network, has similar features as LinkedIn plus unique features such as recommendation, export, view template etc… Users can endorse skills of each other, show/hide certain section on their resume a... View More
    • User Credit System
      Credit is a virtual currency system that helps site owners encourage users to engage more in content enrichment activity. Its system works based on very simple principal, give and take. Your social network is enriched with more content and users get something from posti... View More
    • Fund Raising
      This is a module which will give your site members a hand in financial aspect. If your members are nursing big ideas but have to give up because of shortage of expense, with Fund Raising being installed, your site will be their saviour. Fund Raising is an effective assi... View More
    • Affiliate System
      Increase your revenue and maximize the value from your website’s visitors by introducing your subscribers and visitors to the Affiliate system. This system conveniently assists you to enhance your user shopping satisfaction within a site by letting the buyer get his des... View More
    • Contest
      Contest is a plug-in which allows your members to compete with each others in Blog, Photo and Video contests. Each time creating a contest, contest owner can completely himself define the rules as well as the award to attract other members to take part in. Promote Conte... View More
    • Idea Box
      Idea Box is the module which empowers your members to have their best ideas shared site-wide. Whenever your members have any ideas that flash through their mind, they can write them down via Idea Box and thanks to voting system, Idea Box will bring big thoughts together... View More
    • Live Chat System
      By definition, social networking sites are the websites which provide the places for people interacting with others; and interaction seems to be meaningless without communication. Therefore, chat function plays a very important role on every social networking site. Clea... View More
    • Advanced Comment System
      Social Interaction is the most important aspect of any social network. Users usually interact with each other via activity feed, comment or chat. Current comment section of SocialEngine is rather boring. It lacks the ability to hide/show comments or reply to specific co... View More
    • Advanced Feed System
      When participating in a social networking site, are you interested in being updated on the latest activities and connecting to other people by quickly posting new contents, reading, sharing and commenting on other’s contribution? If so, we guarantee that the Advanced Fe... View More
    • Advanced Feed Notification
      Advanced Feed Notification allows members to receive all types of notification associated with their feeds under small box in the left bottom corner. Members therefore get updated notifications and click to view new notifications easily. View More
    • Advanced Search Plugin
      “Search” is one of the necessary key features of every social networking site. It provides users an easier access to exactly what they’re looking for. Social Engine’s built-in search function somewhat meets that basic concept; however it still lacks of usability and vis... View More
    • Advanced Menu System
      What is the first thing that visitors look for when viewing a website? Navigation system. They want to know how to get to certain pages or access certain features of your web application. Therefore, it is important to have a clean, attractive and easy-to-use menu system... View More
    • Profile Popup
      Getting more information without going anywhere would be a nice feature for any user. Essential information such as “mutual friends”, “Event Venue”, etc. will be displayed when hovering mouse over the link. These features will be available with Profile Popup plugin. View More
    • User Profile Completeness
      Profile Completeness is the widget that shows the current logged-in user’s profile completeness status. It allows administrators to select profile fields as mandatory for a user to achieve 100% profile completeness status. View More
    • Video Channel
      Are you a YouTube publisher? Looking for a best SocialEngine plugin for YouTubers? If so, you are now at the right place. Our Video Channel plugin will help you improve the display of your YouTube channels and videos on your SocialEngine site. Since YouTube is the world... View More
    • Full Slider
      Sliders have more and more important roles on most of websites nowadays. They not only make your site look professional but also introduce its purpose efficiently. If you are not satisfied with built-in sliders supported in plugins, we believe that our Full Slider plugi... View More
    • Ultimate Video
      With out-of-box thinking, with idea of sleek, modern and most friendly layout to customers, Ultimate Video were created, were generated to fulfill all of these wanted features. Stand-alone plugin without requiring default video plugin, Ultimate Video supports full featu... View More
    • Ultimate Social Music
      Social Music with its niche layout, stylish arrangement, your music can be organized in a compact way on the page. It’s where your Users can explore their favorite Albums, Songs by Full Player or Mini Player. Thanks to its responsive layout, User will be able to look th... View More
    • Multiple Listing
      Multiple Listings plugin enables your social network to have a solid and incredible e-advertising . Your site is able to have different independent listing types with 5 different layouts of their choices, 2 styles of Features Listings slider and many more . In addition,... View More
    • Listing System
      Online listing has become a trend recently. It’s similar to advertising but more focused on content and presentation. Listing helps raise user’s awareness of a product or service. It provides visual presentation of what provider has to offer and detail information relat... View More
    • Mp3 Music
      Mp3 Music plugin is the best free music downloading and sharing tool for users on SocialEngine community. With Mp3 Music, users can upload their songs, create playlists, and set songs to be downloaded by others, along with many features necessary for Music Sharing commu... View More
    • Social Ads
      Nowadays, advertising becomes an inseparable part of a social network. Whether it’s for commercial or non-commercial purpose, advertising is a powerful tool to convey idea and perspective to users. Having an effective tool to create and manage advertising is crucial to ... View More
    • Social Ads - Page Transform Extension
      Page Transformation Extension enables site owner to transform any page into widgetized pages which allows administrator to place Social Ads’ widgets on to them. View More
    • User Profile Styler
      Standard SE Member Profile Page looks so boring; member cannot do anything with it. The best way to encourage your members to keep coming and staying on your site is to allow members to change their appearances with background, text color, menu link, etc., colorize the ... View More
    • Rest API
      “REST” stands for Representational State Transfer, and “API“ is short for Application Program Interface. In combination, “REST API” is a particular architectural approach to putting together the agreed set of standardized ways and interaction rules that a particular pie... View More
    • Wiki
      What is better to keep everyone together than allowing them to build an encyclopedia for their common interests? Wiki plugin is the tool to turn your community into a unique online encyclopedia. Similar to Wikipedia model, Wiki plugin allows any member to find informati... View More
    • Ultimate News
      Ultimate News is a plugin which keep your members up to date with the latest news all around the world. With Ultimate News installation, you can get news from famous providers to your site enable to serve your members easily. More importantly, your member will get a new... View More
    • File Sharing
      File Sharing is an enterprise plug-in which will turn your site into an online storage to support your members in storing their data. It allows your members to upload their data directly on to your site as well as download them whenever they need. Moreover, File Sharing... View More
    • Advanced HTML Block
      Advanced HTML Block widget is an enhancement to SocialEngine HTML Block for it provides featured tools that help admin manage site layout more conveniently. Added features such as Emotions, Text Editor, HTML Source Editor, Word Editor (Paste from Word), etc… allow admin... View More
    • User Feedback
      What makes a successful Social Network? Users, of course. The challenging task is to attract users but an even more challenging task is to get them to stay. If a user is already a member, he/she can simply send a message to administrator if he/she sees something that’s... View More
    • Tour Guide
      Tour Guide is an essential tool to help you to create fully illustrated introduction for users. You can add tour guide to any page and the number of tour guides in the whole system is not restricted. Your site will be more users friendly and attractive with this module. View More
Our Templates
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