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    • February 9, 2012 1:02 AM +08
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      News Feed

      News Feed is a RSS Feed reader that allows SE Admin to gather RSS feeds from various sites to make one RSS News in SE Site. Admin can add the RSS feeds in the back end admin, set the schedule to get content at the specified time. News home page will be automatically updated including the latest news headlines, story description and picture from many predefined sites.

      SE compatibility: 4.1.0-> 4.1.8
      Product version: 4.06p2

      License key:
      This module requires YouNetCore plugin to verify license.
      The license key and YouNetCore plugin could be found under your Client Area.

      Notice: Cron tab needs to be setup in order to automatically update news at predefined time. It requires you to have basic knowledge on setup CPanel/PLESK/DIRECT ADMIN. The Cron tab setup guideline is available in InstallationGuide file. If you are not familiar with that, you are recommended to submit a ticket in Client Area with CPanel information to have our support staff setup Cron tab for you.

      Facebook version (free):


      • Search widget: User can search news content by the category and posted date
      • Removing no-photo image
      • Supporting friendly URL
      • Integrating license key
      • Layout update

      Key Features

      • Getting News from a RSS link
      • Managing the hierarchy feed in category by establishing Parent Category.
      • News widgets: Featured News, Listing News, Recent News, Most Commented News, Top News, Most Liked News, Search.
      • Administrator can choose users and allow them to manage News.
      • Feed contents and items are displayed nicely on News page.
      • User can easily make comments, share favorite news to their friends.
      • Quickly and easily searching News by using category of multiple channels.

      Front – End

      Guest & member who is not allowed to manage News 

      • Featured News
      • Listing News
      • Recent News
      • Search filter News
      • Most Commented News
      • Top News
      • Most Liked News

      View screenshots: Main Page

      Members are allowed to manage News 

      Browse News (same as Main Page of Guest)

      • Featured News
      • Listing News
      • Recent News
      • Search filter News
      • Most Commented News
      • Top News
      • Most Liked News

      View screenshot: Share News

      News ManagementFor user who is allowed to use this feature (This feature will be configured by Admin in User Settings)

      • Viewing / Editing / Deleting News
      • Setting featured / Unsetting featured News

      Screenshot: News Management

      Back – End

      News Management 

      • Viewing / Editing / deleting News
      • Setting featured / Unsetting featured  News

      View screenshot: News Management

      RSS Management 

      • Editing / Deleting the selected RSS feed
      • Choosing RSS for getting data
      • Active / inactive selected RSS feed

      View screenshot: RSS Management

      Add RSS 

      • Filling information of new RSS in text boxes
      • Active / inactive RSS
      • Permission to display mini logo
      • Permission to display logo

      View screenshot: Add RSS Feed

      Category Management 

      • Adding a new category
      • Editing / Deleting selected categories
      • Active / inactive selected categories

      View screenshot: Category Management

      User Settings 

      • Adding a new user for News management allowance  (View / edit / delete articles; Set featured / unset featured News)
      • Deleting selected users

      View screenshot: User Settings


      News Feed home page can be customized via Layout Editor by the ways of dragging and dropping below widgets:

      1. News Search: Displays search News option on view page
      2. Top News: Displays the most viewed news in network community on view page.
      3. Recent News: Display the latest News on listing news page.
      4. Featured News: Display featured News on listing news page.
      5. Most Commented: Displays the most commented News
      6. Most Liked: Displays the most voted News.

      Supported RSS and Atom versions:

      • RSS 0.90
      • RSS 0.91
      • RSS 0.92
      • RSS 1.0
      • RSS 2.0
      • Atom 0.3
      • Atom 1.0
      • Dublin Core 1.0
      • Dublin Core 1.1
      • GeoRSS
      • iTunes RSS 1.0
      • Media RSS 1.1.1
      • RSS 1.0 Content Module
      • W3C WGS84 Basic Geo
      • XML 1.0
      • XHTML 1.0


      Tested Browsers: IE7+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome


      Installation: If you purchase product with installation option, please submit ticket in the Client Area with FTP and Site Admin for us to install.

      Support time: Monday-Friday, 8:30 AM-5:30 PM, GMT+7  [US Time: Sunday-Thursday]

      Refund  & support policy:

      Price: $45

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