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Kids Week
11/29/14 12:00 AM - 6/30/15 12:00 AM
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Now in its 17th year, the theatrical spectacular was dreamt up to inspire children to enjoy live theatre from a young age, encouraging them not only to view some of the best shows in town but to also join in with fun activities.

Taking place at various West End theatres, this magical event allows children under 16 to see any number of 36 shows for free, when accompanied by an adult.

As well as enjoying the likes of Billy Elliot, Jersey Boys, Top Hat or Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the youngsters can also get involved in everything from ballet and tap dancing classes to tea parties and even backstage visits.

With such a wide range of shows and activities to choose from, Kids Week is sure to implant a lifelong love of theatre in the little ones.

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