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Pharmaceutical Microbiology
6/30/17 12:00 AM - 4/30/20 12:00 AM
London, United Kingdom
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SMi presents the 3rd annual conference on...
Pharmaceutical Microbiology
Marriott Regents Park Hotel, London UK
20-21 Jan 2014
SMi’s reputable Pharamceutical Microbiology conference returns for its 3rd installment on 20th and 21st January, 2014, London UK.
Pharmaceutical Microbiology 2014 will draw upon the experiences and knowledge from experts and specialists around the globe to provide first-class presentations and stimulating discussions.
The conference will aim to focus on the regulatory aspect, with topics addressing preparations for auditing, what to expect during the inspection process, and how to rectify poor situations. There will also be considerable spotlight on novel rapid methods, case studies from the USA, their implementation, and the current regulatory view on methods. Among these hot topics the event will also examine sterility assessment, risk management, and contamination control.
Regulatory body representation and update – what to expect from inspection, how to prepare your lab, and how to rectify situations when things go wrong.
Discover cutting edge rapid methods, how to implement the technology, and the regulatory stance
Hear specialist advice on contamination control and risk management to minimise costs and maximise efficiency
Learn about hot topics which include objectionable organisms, viral contaminations, update on the pharmacopeias, and quality by design.
Discuss case studies and experiences with expert speakers and delegates from across the UK, USA, and Europe.

Phil Duncanson, Site Microbiologist & QC Lead, MedImmune
Mary-Anne Weatherhead, Qualified Person, Pfizer
Andrew Bartko, Senior Scientist, Battelle
William Wade, Professor of Oral Microbiology, Barts and The London
Brendan Gilmore, Senior Lecturer in Pharmaceutical Microbiology, Queen’s University Belfast
Amy McDaniel, Associate Director, Production Operations, Pfizer
Tim Eaton, Sterile Manufacturing Specialist, AstraZeneca
Pierre Raboisson, Head of Medicinal Chemistry, Johnson & Johnson
Olivier Chancel, Head of Pharmaceutical Support, Merial Sas (Sanofi)
Di Morris, Consultant, Pharmaceutical Solutions Ltd. (ex-MHRA)
Stephen Rawling, Microbiology Team Leader, GSK
John Duguid, Principal Process Analytical Scientist, Genzyme
Kim Bowers, Senior Supervisor, Pfizer
Hilary Chan, Quality Scientist IV, Pfizer
Erika Pfeiler, Microbiologist, FDA
Steven Donald, Microbiologist, FDA
The previous 2 events in the Microbiology series received positive feedback from the industry including Thermo Fischer Scientific – “The delegate quality was good” , Pfizer – “Topics were interesting and relevant” and Groninger & co gmbh- Very diverse multi facetted event
Be sure to take part in the next installment by registering online at:
Alternatively contact John Collins on 44(0)20 7827 6734 or email

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