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  • 07 May 2019
    This is a problem because for months now, players have been able to gain huge stockpiles of cash and supplies and gear from F76 Bottle Caps various exploits, and now players are concerned that this new mode will give players even more of an instant advantage as they now have the ability to farm anyone on the map without restriction. Many players are calling for the removal of this cross-mode character idea and just force everyone to start fresh, but presumably Bethesda is doing this so people who have already put dozens of hours into their characters don’t feel restricted from trying out the new mode with all their current stuff. And yet this feels like a clumsy solution to a clumsy problem.This is the age of high profile launch failures being able to redeem themselves over time. No Man’s Sky did it with a series of free updates over two years. Sea of Thieves has gone from easily ignorable to one of the most popular streaming games on Twitch in under a year. Theoretically, Fallout 76 might be able to be next on that list.But so far, I haven’t seen the kinds of moves that will lead F76 to have some kind of great redemption, and if this is the game’s idea of a major update, a separate PvP mode that will reward exploiters and make players drop more stuff on death, I can’t say I’m terribly impressed. This isn’t to say that Fallout 76’s PvP was good before, but this doesn’t really seem like the most pressing priority for one of the first major additions to the game. I’d like to say I’ll give it a shot but honestly, I probably won’t. There’s just too much else to play this spring, and unless Fallout 76 comes out with some truly massive, impressive changes, it’s hard to see myself ever going back to it. But we’ll see if it has what it takes to truly turn the ship around.Well, I hate to tell you "I told you so."But I told you so. When I wrote an article about Fallout 76 and how dubious I was that it would be a good game ready for a release in 2018, I received tons of backlash from angry fans.Now the game is rocking a 49/100 Metacritic score (on Xbox One, it's slightly higher on PC and PS4) with a 2.7 user score. That's just about the worst-reviewed AAA game of the year, and one of the worst-reviewed AAA games in recent memory, and certainly of this console generation. Ouch.Forbes Games writer Paul Tassi gave the game a 5/10 (just slightly above the game's average) writing that Buy Fallout 76 Items is "ruined by the mere concept of being on a live server itself, and the fact that this was rushed out before any engaging story elements were able to be crafted to populate this map."So what is wrong with Fallout 76? So very much. Let's take a look at each of the game's major problems. We won't have time to touch on all of them.
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  • 17 May 2018
    At the end of the day, the clothing and kicks you're wearing in a basketball match do not matter as long as your skills do the talking. However, there's nothing better than having some candy shoes and threads to match your incredible talent. NBA MT Coins offers players the chance to receive their hands on the sleek Shaq Attaq sneakers, but they are not available to everybody.The Shaq Attaq shoes come from the Legend Edition of NBA 2K18. Alongside the kicks, you'll also get 100,000 VC, 20 weekly MyTeam packs, some Shaq jersey and apparel, and a few candy physical items if you grab the physiological version of the Legend Edition.Once you've redeemed these on your account, load up NBA 2K18, and all of the digital content -- such as your Shaq Attaq sneakers -- will be ready for you to get.Currently, we are unsure if the Shaq Attaq shoes will be made readily available for those who don't receive the Legend Edition of the game.To change to them, make your way to The Venue in the Neighborhood and look across the road. Head over to the door that is fancy together with the bellhop outside and make your way around MyCourt. Here, you'll want to head into the cupboard over on the ideal side of this space, and you'll have the ability to change into your shiny new shoes.
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  • 17 May 2018
    En Masse Entertainment recently declared that Tera Gold has officially launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and boy am I excited.Earlier this season I got my hands on the Tera beta, and while I didn't expect much, I had a blast. The Tera game wasn't completely optimized for its PlayStation port once I played the beta, and the servers were choppy. These obstacles, however, did not quit my friends and I from leveling together and move dungeon dwelling.In spite of other titles like Warframe and DC Universe, the one thing I believe PlayStation lacked was a fantastic variety of MMOs, and that's exactly what the Tera game ushers. Having already enjoyed the Tera game, I was amazed after Tera came back from its beta at a more conducive fashion that gave me a more optimized experience. The images looked better; the HUD was more responsive than previously, the Tera game ran smoother than I expected, and I adored it.Tera supplies a fast-paced battling experience that's simple to learn, but harder to master if you're planning on learning the variety of combos to use against gigantic beasts. Additionally, Tera has an in-depth character customization menu which can allow you to express yourself to the battlefield.New added features to the MMO create the Tera game more console friendly. These features include: a fresh lock-on system that can help Tera Players maintain enemies in their lineup of landscapes, class-specific controls that give each character it's own unique control strategy that could also be personalized, heightened streaming compatibility with Twitch and Mixer with integrated streaming support, along with in-Tera game voice chat service.So there you have it guys, Tera is available now for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and is absolutely free to download. If you're searching for an actual MMORPG to play with friends, then Tera is definitely worth checking out. In fact, I'm going to jump on Tera after I'm finished writing this, which can be now.
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  • 17 May 2018
    I have learned about the rumours which Maplestory Mesos that fall from mobs will only remain for 30 seconds instead of the normal 180 seconds (or somewhere around that I am not sure). What is really funny about this is that people are saying that this was the remedy to the enormous "loot lag". Okay, okay. So assuming the normal duration was 180s, and supposing for that length you always kill mobs at the exact same rate, the max amount of items on the earth is going to be reduced to 30/180=1/6. Does this help at all?I honestly don't agree. It can depend on your hardware and community however.Regardless of whether this so-called alternative fixes the loot lag, everyone should agree that this is THE typical Nexon-approach of repairing problems: fix the problem on the face, split every associated AND unrelated elements in game whilst significantly nerfing game experience. Think of everything they did to Kanna and Kishin lately.Think of what they do if they nerf training channels because it was too hot, instead of buffing other unpopular/outdated maps so people can spread while not needing their exp gain speed reduced, then decrease the exp required to reach to Lv200 because it's too difficult to par along with all the channels nerfed. Really? Here is the most stupid approach of every issue. Of course balancing every maps from the game is impractical and impossible, so one map will always be better compared to others. Of course Nexon will then nerf that map.Back to the topic. Assuming from gamers' experiences which you lag once you pick up items while there are a lot of items on the floor in the entire map, so I can only say that Nexon programmers just can't be bothered to actually write some decent code, and just focus on incorporating more busted buggy contents.Okay back to the topic again. Assuming from players' experiences that you lag once you pick up items while there are a lot of items on the floor in the entire map, I figure that the looting algorithm is the most basic one that everyone can consider: "yea just loop through all the items in the map and do a wreck detection with the pet, and if it collides, while still inside the loop deliver a request package to the server that the pet is trying to pick up ONE item".
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Business 248 views Mar 18, 2022
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