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  • 26 May 2017
      SKULL VIDA: Viva la vida! wrist fake watches for men.Never before a HYT creation so exclusive. Never had such a life and death code ever before to celebrate the passage of time and seize the day. Never have a clock to use such a material. Only five "Skeleton Vida" works will be published in the most limited edition of HYT. In fact, rather than the limited edition, we prefer to call them five unique works; everyone is different because they are in the real tabulation of the first requirement of life materials: thousands of years ago fierce mamm ivory. "Our first skeleton series belongs to the Simeonian tradition, which specifically reflects the Mexican culture of Dia de los Muertos, who died in the same way in life," said HYT's chief executive officer. "However, We feel that we can live by life and unique time flow combined with our fluid technology and authentic dial made of authentic material, a real live sculpture, further. Skull Vinda was born in this comprehensive and comprehensive vision. "best HYT SKULL Watches fake Today, in the Siberian plain, Meng oth began to emerge like bones. Most people are kept very well because they are frozen between 15,000 and 30,000 years. Their bones have been preserved, but away from inertia; they are almost alive and react to their burial, like the surviving witnesses of the past, who walk with the Neanderthals. In the past, these residues came from extinct species, thus protecting HYT's modern wildlife. Skeleton Vida uses 51mm black DLC titanium alloy shell, polished, micro sprayed and satin surface finish. It is powered by HYT's exclusive mechanical manual movement, providing 65 hours of power storage.Hublot Mp 05 Ferrari Complications fake Watch     Its dial shape is like a skull, made by Siberian fierce oth ivory. This kind of biological material has to undergo a stable phase in a few months time. As a result of specially trained craftsmen carried out a series of particularly delicate operations, it carved and embedded in the skull Vinda. Each dial is completely unique and offers different textures, variations and designs. HYT's skull is completely redesigned to highlight the nature of ivory as much as The seconds are displayed in the left eye, on the right side of the power reserve. The entire work of art is surrounded by a HYT capillary that is particularly folded into a skull shape, where the separation points of the two immiscible liquids indicate hours. The bezel represents the result on a black background, and the Arabic numerals are used for fonts created specifically for Skull Vida. It is also HYT developed fabric-based strap, it is rich in floral theme fine embroidery - a symbol of life! Traditional innovation, advanced watch DNA, sports heritage, etc.: forget everything. Need a known quantity to hang up? Good news: H4 Neo tell time.Richard Mille RM 011-1 Automatic Chrono Big Date watch H4 Neo is a component equipped with a light source. At 6 o'clock the dome, HYT hides two purple LEDs. Once activated, they fill the entire dial with light. At night, fluorescent liquid and transparent composite discs with fluorescent nanoparticles are excited by this light source and become very eye-catching. At the same time, the washing of light into every corner of the body, lifelike to the skeleton structure into life, contempt for tabulation. No battery, this process does not require electronic equipment, which is completely mechanical. The three factors make it very tricky to develop: extreme miniaturization, the shape of the bend, and the fact that this type of development has not been achieved before.HARRY WINSTON OPUS 12 WATCH fake Reference: 512-TD-65-GF-TS;    
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  • 18 Feb 2017   COPY MB & F HM4 THUNDERBOLT RT 40.RSL.R WATCH PRICE Case: Red gold & titanium,UncommonCase diameter : 54.00mm x 52.00mmMovement: Manual WindingFUNCTIONS: Hours, Minutes, Power ReserveDial: --STRAP: Barenia CalfskinBuckle: Deployment BuckleGLASS: SapphireThickness: 24 mm   MB & F HM4 Thunderbolt watch revealed MB & F HM4 Thunderbolt watch release of the watch if you have ever thought MB & F pilot watch may look like, then this is your answer. In fact, the brand Spankin's new Horological Machine Number 4 (HM4) "Thunderbolt" watch's actual dial is a classic pilot style design. I like MB & F to pay tribute to all those pilots classic with MB & F twist, including fonts for numbers and hands. Like all the Horological machines before it, the point of the watch is not the main time to tell, but to celebrate as a machine, a machine that tells the time. I first covered HM4 on, when all the MB & F allowed me to show is the watches for sale According to MB & F, the main inspiration behind Thunderbolt watches is the A-10 aircraft - although many people speculate that it is some more scientific origin. In fact, "Thunderbolt" is just one of the name and nickname of the plane, but it is the official name that may be the watch "best". Other options are "Warthog" and "Tank Killer". These two products are not particularly suitable for luxury watches, in terms of MB & F. You can see the two images I put in this article on the A-10 plane. The HM4 is housed in two large, top-mounted jet engine turbines, and they want to do the subject matter of an aerial theme watch. By the way, A-1o is an awesome plane. It has been used for decades, and is one of the most powerful air-to-ground attack aircraft of the US Army (this is not a special bomber, it has many benefits of a bomber). It is always exciting that the huge nose is installed by the gatling gun. The plane is also very strong, with more armor than other planes. Because of its weight, it has those large engines to help it take off and fly as best as HUBLOT BIG BANG UNICO ITALIA 411.YL.5190.NR.ITI15 watch If you think Titanium uses a lot on your watch, the A-10 has a jib in the cockpit and the instrument is 900 pounds of titanium. Titanium is also used as HM4 Thunderbolt watch case material. As one of the most complex cases that MB & F has ever done, this case is made up of a series of components that have a unique belt connection mechanism and two "engine tubes" sapphire parts. Housing width 54mm, length 52mm, height 24mm. This watch has more than 300 small, polished and favorite parts - alone in the sport. Thunderbolt's case consists of another 65 parts. The design makes some very clever use of alternative polished and brushed surfaces. It also brings MB & F's obsession with sapphire crystals to a new height. At the top and bottom of the box is the sapphire crystal window movement, and there is very difficult to process the previously mentioned sapphire part around the conical tube. There are five sapphire crystal lenses on the case, each watch takes about 100 hours of processing time. cheap MB&F HM4 watches.You can move around the various angles of the HM4 and can easily see it inside. Exercise is a beautiful thing - designed for the case, very symmetrical. It has a 72 hour power reserve. This is one of the most artistic machines created by MB & F. At the top of the movement (visible through sapphire crystal) is the balance wheel, while on the other side of the watch is a visible bridge that is a gear that is MB & F signature Tomahu shape. Movement manual winding. You will notice that each tube (MB & F called "pods") has a crown at its end. One crown is used for the linked list, and the other table is used to adjust the time. According to the crown placed what tube, should be clear what people do. Thunderbolt has only two functions. It tells the time through hours and minutes and has a power storage indicator. Worn on the wrist, the two dials should be worn with the angle so that the watch is easy to read without having to turn the wrist. This watch is more like a musical instrument than the previous MB & F watch. It is really a wonderful Richard Mille RM 008 watches The watch dial is like my pilots watch style. Completed a triangular and two o'clock 12 o'clock indicator. MB & F uses their special futuristic fonts for Arabic hour numbers, and hands feel familiar to the brand. Black dial with white SuperLumiNova luminous body in the hour mark and hand contrast. MB & F spent a lot of time working on the straps. It has a cool, soft ear at one end and looks like a conical, thick black leather (full pilots watch style). The details of the watch are impressive, the movement and the case work together in a satisfying harmony, which will attract fans of existing and new brands. MB & F will provide special services to all 4 Horological mechanical watches with MB & F. For such "quartet" owners, MB & F will carve their names in a special brand that will continue to HYT H1 watches     COPY MB & F HM4 FINAL EDITION 42.BTSL.B WATCH PRICE Case: titanium and sapphire,UncommonCase diameter : 54.00mm x 52.00mmMovement: Manual WindingFUNCTIONS: Minutes,HoursDial: --STRAP: AlligatorBuckle: Deployment BuckleGLASS: SapphireThickness: 24 mm
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  • 28 Jun 2020
      BRM chronograph V12 MARTINI RACING   The Italian language vermouth manufacturer Martini is definitely in line with motor sports. Due to the fact that this fascinating company participated within the Le Mans race along with Porsche in the 1970s, the company's outfits have added luster in order to high-performance cars. In the nineteen eighties, Lancia rally cars utilized blue and red lines. Later, the nickname Martini became the pride associated with touring cars in the nineties. Today, the name Martini is visible on the side of the Williams F1 car. replica BRM MARTINI RACING BLUE V12-44   BRM Chronographes is a France company with close connections to motorsports, sponsorship competition and drivers. It makes watches in a studio near Paris, france, making its own case, fingers, buttons and pin buckles. The movement that forces the watch is made in Portugal or Switzerland.   Recently, BRM Chronographes released V12 Martini Racing, a whole timepiece with Martini Racing stripes and full of race DNA.   switch   BRM Chronographes offers two dial choices for V12 Martini Racing, white-colored or navy blue. My press loan is the latter version, and it looks dazzling in the wrist.   In the beginning, I thought the monitor had been quite " busy", however I quickly got utilized to the topography of the call. Martini Racing's red and light-weight blue stripes span the actual dial from north to be able to south, attracting the eye using its obvious characteristics. The Martini and BRM logos can be found in the center of the stage, ensuring an exciting show cocktail.   The drilling user profile of the perforated pointer eliminates excess material and provides light-weight features. The hands are extremely wide, and the current period can be communicated effortlessly. luxury replica watches   The actual dial vision uses a three-hand layout, date display as well as bold two-digit minute indicators. The 3 o'clock position may be the 30-minute counter, the 12-hour counter is at 6 o'clock, and the small seconds screen is at 9 o'clock.   Although I prefer the aesthetic appearance of the dark blue dial, I might prefer the whitened dial that looks crisper and cleaner.   case   BRM Chronographes spends a lot of power on making the case regarding its watches, which will quickly become apparent when putting on one of them. The lugs tend to be fixed to the case with anchoring screws, and the bezel has a drill down pattern along its form. The case structure has a crystal clear sense of quality.   The size of the case is actually large, 44 mm within diameter. This may alienate a few potential buyers, but personally, dimensions are not a problem for me.   Both the buttons and the overhead have a series of drilled gaps to enhance the low-quality really feel. The vertical side from the crown bears the Martini Racing brand logo, that looks the most attractive.   The blue perforative leather strap features different blue cross stitch and also red accents. The flag buckle is manufactured in one facility and also includes the drilled part.   The rear of the case is decorated having a piece of sapphire crystal cup, allowing you to see the Swiss motion inside. High Quality cheap watches   sports   BRM Chronographes V12 Martini Racing is equipped with ETA 7753 movement. The movement is really a time-tested chronograph, known for the robustness and reliability. Additionally , the movement is easy to keep and repair, and this truth is reflected in the moderate servicing cost.   Deficiency of ornate decoration in the movements in this particular watch constitutes a grateful smile appear in the face. The pendulum is easy, the splint does not have a Côtes de Genève pattern, and obviously no blue anchoring screws. These omissions are a pity, because a lot of energy offers obviously been spent on the situation, hands and buttons.   Large companies frequently form alliances with other businesses of similar size. It really is great to see Martini Race partner with a relatively small view company, BRM Chronographes.   The French enjoy industry produced an interesting watch. The dial is different through many other watches sold these days. Although it looked messy in the beginning, it soon proved readable and clearly conveyed it is various instructions. Richard Mille RM 35-03 Automatic Rafael Nadal White Quartz TPT   The large hours markers at 4, eight and 12 o'clock are usually marked with numbers for you to evoke people's associations together with racing cars. The punctured hands, case, lugs, control keys and pin buckle interact to inspire the concept of light and ready for competition.   What disappoints me personally is that the finishing of the activity has not received the same interest and attention as the palms and case. I hope that upcoming models can incorporate several exciting finishings that I treasure very much.   General, this is a fascinating watch which is likely to attract the attention involving gasoline heads who are wanting to capture the passion of wheel-to-wheel racing. Greubel Forsey replica Watch   Technical specifications   Model: BRM Chronographes V12 Martini Racing Case: stainless steel; diameter forty-four mm; sapphire crystal reflection and back cover Functions: hours; minutes; little seconds; date; chronograph Movement: ETA 7753; automated movement; frequency 28, eight hundred VpH (4Hz) Band: perforated leather strap using pin buckle
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  • 22 Nov 2018
      luxury HYT H4 Green Fluid 512-TD-69-GF-RN watch  Buy Reproduction HYT H4 Green Substance Men 512-TD-69-GF-RN watch  Case: Ti, Round Case length: 51 mm Depth: 17. 90 mm GLASS: Sapphire Watch dial: Skeletonized Movement: Regular Winding BUCKLE: Deployment Buckle STRAP: Material FUNCTIONS: Hours, A few minutes, Power Reserve Year: 2018 Model: 512-TD-69-GF-RN   HYT H4 is smarter. power ups. polarization.  Resolving noticeable contradictions has driven HYT. The latest H4 watch brings together this inner fascination far more clearly, making this contradiction purposeful.  These kind of colorful new watches are loyal to the brand's rouge of past and potential power to distribute the current wording and content. At the same time, many people add an amazing new age to the combined potential regarding two potential extreme opposites - light and chemical - the invention of the most basic generator, patent pending. Any time creativity succeeds in swapping the mystery with enlightenment, it immediately creates antagonism. The new H4 watch was given birth at such a moment. HYT is a expert who directs the skills between art and scientific disciplines, combining horology with fluidics by visualizing the penetration of time with immiscible essential fluids. H4 is built on this basic foundation to explore the tension between nighttime and daytime, paying attention to the flow of energy never sleeping. Lighting emanates from the first mechanical source intended for the sophisticated functions of top quality watches. The exploration of completely new areas of miniaturization and ingredient curvature has made possible often the in-house development of micro-generators. This gives light to be taken from a couple LEDs without any support from electronics or battery. Bauhaus's bold vibrancy highlights the actual canvas of black and sterling silver metal components in some eye-catching H4 limited updates. The three are concentrated with red, green and pink. The fourth family member added ongly a touch of yellow to these in a beautiful multicolored statement. Since the neon nanoparticles in the transparent grp composite dial capture light, the particular tiny perforations on each floor are themselves converted into gentle sources. Adding to the conundrum of these timepieces is the one of a kind combination of a unique mechanical activity and a patented fluid element. Even the dual-material straps involving rubber and technical material indicate opposite attraction, steps and interaction.   HYT H4 Alinghi Special Edition Observe I have been anticipating this. The HYT H4 Alinghi Special Edition brings a vital dimension to the HYT view, which was not previously readily available: the second crown. But simply wait, I heard you moping and crying, what is it on earth? The HYT H4 Alinghi Special Edition is defined as a clone of their predecessor, isn't it? The particular motion structure of H1 is almost the same as H1! Typically the caliber is hollow, although that's it: Where are classified as the complications of needing the second crown?wholesale RICHARD MILLE RM 50-27-01 Replica watch Very well, in an interesting way, typically the crown is complicated. Disguised . between 4 o'clock along with 5 o'clock is a modest generator that is charged by means of winding the crown. If pressed, the dial is actually bathed in bright white light source for up to five seconds. The sunshine source is two teeny LEDs hidden by the a few o'clock mark. This is a fully mechanical process - not any battery. Nothing, but the previous gear and fingers twiddling. Another first of HYT. The effect of LEDs is really important. Obviously, often the red liquid used to point out time illuminates itself considerably more naturally than the conventional hr hand. The light refracts from the liquid and appears to illumine evenly. The movement themselves is also very suitable for light - the angle on the light source picks out the facts in the movement and plans it with a high quantity clarity. This watch genuine a press release on the wrists; we are used to seeing that sharpened image in the show off, or see it directly from Photoshop - it's a bit weird to see it in sheet metal, but it's great. My very own only reservation may not be in relation to HYT: it won't appeal to all people. I think that watchmakers will endeavor to curb their disregard for a work that produces electrical energy into motion, inspite of the mechanical purity of it has the origin. And I have to declare a little brand bias: I will not stand on the top of the batch and claim to the world that watch brand should start using a micro-generator in their next enjoy, because I think it's good in HYT. That's mainly because HYT is different from another brand. Their watches do very simple functions in a distinctive way. If it's not considering that the brand is already working on several judgment planes, then I will probably bounce back on this addition (imagine its grotesqueness or identity on the Breguet flywheel). Nevertheless , the normal rules do not sign up for HYT. In fact , the USP they chose is and the light; on the contrary, their model aesthetics complements the existence of energy; in fact , for a family that could refine its beauty in two simple words: horological industry For the company, the mad sense of innovation will be natural. fluid. So in addition to the mechanically made light, what can the HYT H4 Alinghi Special Edition give to investors? First of all, solely 25 pieces are available, this can be a first watch of the same style, so it may not sit on the actual shelf to collect dust. Secondly, the HYT watch is usually traditional, just in the sense so it tells time. However , normally, it does not perform this surgery in the normal way: as it is known to us, the hours are manifested by the crimson liquid associated with the surface; the minute is examine by the Arab sub-dial on 12 o'clock; the game is at 9: The managing seconds are displayed all around 30 (this is not the particular " normal" position connected with 9: 30 because the range of hours the bellows is usually accommodated at 6 o'clock). swiss cheap watches for men The second plate is ornamented with the logo of the Alinghi Racing Team. Red in addition to black are the source of enthusiasm for this color. This see has a lot of cool hues, my favorite is the rubber cope with on the crown at 5 o'clock, but there are other crimson dash at 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock, typically the stitch on the back of often the rubber On the silver help canvas strap, and the 3: 30 power reserve indicator tip. Check the design of the minute give - I think the foundation with the hand is almost cog-like, certainly industrial, really cool. The 51 mm vast case is made of 3DTPTM as well as. The height of the watch is definitely 17. 9 mm, which will sounds a lot, but My partner and i wear an H1 observe (same height) on my slimmer wrist and they are well fitted, mainly because of their lightness. Often the rubber-coated crown is a DLC coated titanium. The cupola sapphire crystal is given an anti-reflective coating as well as a screw-in case at the back to be sure a water-resistant depth of fifty meters. The time is advised by the retrograde fluid time indicator, powered by the 35, 000vph HYT exclusive mobility, 35 jewels and 70 hours of power reserve.   
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Business 2,133 views Aug 14, 2020
Patek Philippe Watch Price Replica Grand Complications Chronogr

Patek Philippe 5370P-011-New blue second-hand chronograph

For being transparent, this article must commence with a confession: the author with this story was not completely unprejudiced. Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5370P-011 Platinum . Blue has its shades and is his color-starting with his appreciation of the water and ending with every single possible shade of orange ending with a slow nevertheless indeed vibrant choice of overcoats and shirts. An actually outstanding watch, such as the brand new Patek Philippe 5370P-011, this particular extremely exclusive second time counter, now displayed in pink, will be welcomed with open up arms.

From the watch industry, this glowing blue taste is indeed very common. All things considered, not only in the Hanseatic Area, but also in the Asian market place, blue watches have become some sort of trend.

Nonetheless the reference number 5370P is not going to necessarily have to appeal to the flavour of the public. Not only since its price is about 236, 000 euros, it is also an organic niche model. On the contrary, considering that Patek Philippe only constitutes a very small number of platinum products at the time of application (there are really few double-digit pieces per annum, or there are rumors), intended for connoisseurs and supreme institutions, it is still-and still is out there. Collector of Patek Philippe.

The azure version replaced the original 5370P-001, which was released in black within 2015 and was graciously welcomed by collectors along with experts at the time. It provides the most amazing and beautiful products in the wonderful world of Patek Philippe, and the teeth enamel dial is baked in addition to polished at a temperature involving 850 degrees Celsius for a few hours, which is extremely popular. Incorporating the treasure gue figures and putting them in a 41mm case, the consensus is this fascinating Grande Complication haven't appeared for a long time. Richard Mille RM 011 FELIPE MASSA FLYBACK CARBON

The modern blue 5370P is definitely not poor; the contrast between the orange, white and gold amounts radiating from the sky and also the white tachymeter scale as well as sub scale makes it easy to read. The luminous " Grand Feu" dial helps it be more sporty than the almost all elegant black predecessor, the actual 5370-if you can name this sort of classic watch.

Reference 5370P-011 Minutes and also Seconds Chronograph - Brand-new face with blue Fantastic Feu enamel dial

In addition to the minute repeater and the tourbillon, the most intricate horological complex triad also contains the seconds chronograph (No. 124'824); it has been a priority inside Patek Philippe's watch assortment since 1923. referee. Typically the 5370 is the first used chronograph equipped with a exclusive CHR 29-535 PS activity. It was launched in 2015 with a platinum case along with a black enamel dial. Wholesale replica watches

Liked by connoisseurs, this complication has become subtly upgraded with a new pink surface and has a smooth feel, which reflects the particular tradition that Patek Philippe is proud of on the Grand Ignition enamel dial. It is a hand-made work with unparalleled intensity connected with color on the basis of an 18 CARAT gold dial.

The dial is very obvious and easy to distinguish, because it is suited to musical instruments with exclusive technical personality. The timeframe and minutes are encountered by slender leaf-shaped fingers with luminous coating along with platinum numerals. The results associated with short-term measurements can be learn with the same accuracy in addition to speed: the contrast amongst the chronograph and ratchet palms and the instant 30-minute counterclockwise and blue dial is just as clear as the white size.

The two-phase chronograph movement, with 2 buttons for timing characteristics and a ratchet button included in the crown at several o'clock, is an impressive sort of the fusion of history and innovation. The classic portions of the basic structure are guide book winder, double column steering wheel control and horizontal tyre clutch. Nevertheless, this is a twenty first century movement with intensive optimization details, patented innovative developments and advanced fishing elements. replica watches Review

This elegant polished american platinum eagle case with a concave frame and satin-finished side lines is worn on an crocodile leather strap with a bright night blue color and also a platinum folding clasp permanent.

Like most platinum watches from Patek Philippe, the new Ref. 5370P-011 is set with small diamond jewelry between the lugs at some o'clock. It replaced the predecessor with a black enameled surface dial, showing a new combined superb craftsmanship and the making of watch art.

Nevertheless here, the dial is usually enamel (rare in the world of Patek Philippe), the satin end of the case is intact, as well as the concave bezel is wonderfully decorated. The only thing more lovely is the view of the mobility through the sapphire crystal again cover.

Often the movement used is CHR 29-535 PS, which runs on the classic configuration with a plan coupling clutch. The stop-watch function is controlled by the a couple of timer buttons and the ratchet function (" catch up" function) in the crown. The actual movement is known for its good quality, with a maximum deviation of three seconds per day. replica Breguet Tradition watches

Normally, the analog chronograph motion is regarded as a particularly complex classification in the watchmaking industry. Nevertheless , don't forget that other models on this feature are available for $5370 (for example on IWC). But what these other models can not do is to showcase typically the fine and high-end see finishes of this Patek Philippe. The movement used in this specific movement is considered one of the best wathe movements in the world, and with it is many innovations, The stopping course of action is as precise and simple as possible.

Looking at the movement of the 5370P (CHR 29-535 PS movement) with the movement of the 5270J from the side of the wide open back cover (the pursuing movement CH 29-535 PLAYSTATION Q movement), you can see: the split second chronograph This timepiece (5370P) looks more complicated which has a chronograph movement and never ending calendar (5270J). In addition , often the 5270J with 456 ingredients has a diameter of 34 mm and a height of seven mm, while the 5370P using 312 components has a size of 29. 6 milimetre and even a height of seven. 1 mm. One would desire that two complications (perpetual calendar and chronograph) undertake more space than a one-second timepiece, because it also requires far more components. Seiko Grand Seiko replica Watches

This is because both references are based on a similar basic movement, but the split-second chronograph is more complicated as opposed to classic chronograph because it uses a second start-stop mechanism. Throughout the two referenced back masks, only two different moment mechanisms are visible, though the calendar module is not viewable. As for the second chronograph, the other chronograph is made on the basis of the normal mechanism, which actually consumes more space than the traditional continuous calendar chronograph. The larger dimension of the 5270J movement is caused by the calendar module.

COVID-19, 2020, possesses completely changed the world of designer watches. However , in Patek Philippe, the essence is still applicable: the actual clear sight of the very ball can predict the particular performance of the Stern family's plans in terms of new products and they are safely avoided. One may well speculate that the new time counter 5172 (also blue), presented last year, might appear in yet another color. Or in this thrashing era, people may be keen on entering the world of Patek Philippe at a lower price, and perhaps once again present a novelty in the Calatrava series.

In Geneva, Patek Philippe employs the new perpetual calendar stop-watch Ref. Cultivate the absolute top rated. 5270J, 5303R, and of course the actual blue 5370P-011. This is a fresh interpretation that will surely remember to collectors. The fact that the african american 5370P-001 is no longer produced likewise ensures that this rarely generated model can certainly maintain its quality, not to mention its appeal as well as prestige. replica Bell & Ross BR 05 Watches


BRAND: Patek Philippe
MODEL: Grand Complications ~ Split-Seconds Chronograph
CASE STUFF: Platinum
DIMENSIONS: Height: 41. 0 mm
Height: 13. 56 millimeter
WATER RESISTANCE: 3 tavern (~ 30 m)
DIAL: Grand Feu glowing blue enamel, gold applied Blancpain numerals. 18K gold face plate
STRAP/BRACELET: Crocodile leather, hand-stitched, shiny sundown blue
MOVEMENT: Tama?o CHR 29-535 PS
MOVEMENT TYPE: Manual gathering
POWER RESERVE: With the wathe disengaged: min. 55 , max. 65 hours
FREQUENCY: 28, 800 vph, 4 Hz
CHARACTERISTICS: Hours, Minutes, Small moments, Split-seconds chronograph, Instantaneous 30-minute counter