Welcome to Your New Wiki

Welcome to Your New Wiki

Whether this is your first wiki ever or just your first wiki of the day, we’re happy to have you on board. This wiki is basically your own personal Web site with an edit button. You get to choose who can see it, and who can make changes, and you can use it to do almost anything you can imagine. We put this document together to get you started and give you a glimpse of what you can do as the organizer of this wiki.

What it means to be a wiki organizer

Wiki organizers handle the administration of the wiki. As an organizer of this wiki, you have some special powers that other members won’t have. These are just a few:

  • Setting permissions for the whole wiki
  • Managing wiki members
  • Changing the look and feel
  • Locking pages so no one can edit them
  • Deleting or renaming files and pages

And whenever you decide you want a little more help with your wiki, you can promote other members to organizers, as well.