In Conversation With 'The Trainer' Eric Fleishman - Gold's Gym Body Transformation Programme
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Posted date: May, 18, 2016
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In this video Eric Fleishman the famous Hollywood celebrity trainer also known as 'The Trainer' speaks about the importance of exercise and fitness in collaboration with Gold's Gym India. He has helped, motivated and lead to drastic body transformations under his supervision and guidance. The video not only focuses on exercise it also focuses on the importance of eating right and sleeping enough. The video makes you aware of why you need a trainer for a particular transformation be it bulking up or a lean look. It aims towards the overall well being of the person and most importantly maintaining it throughout. If you follow the instructions you will see substantial change in your body and lifestyle.

Eric Fleishman better known as 'The Trainer' is a celebrity Hollwood fitness trainer. He has an experience of over 25 years. As a kid Eric was tiny and small and was teased for being so. His father feared that he would remain small all his life, so he took him to a martial arts class when he was 10. Since then he developed a inclination towards fitness and body building. This passion towards fitness helped him to be known as 'The Trainer'. He has trained some of the biggest Hollywood celebrities and transformed their bodies in the most efficient and effective ways.

Gold's Gym is the largest international gym chain in the world recognized for its passion, unique heritage, and experience as the final authority in fitness and lifestyle. The trainers at Gold's Gym aim towards fitness and body transformation. The effects are quick, visible and up to the mark.

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