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 .  October 26, 2016 by YouNet Company
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Hello everyone, my name is Lowko!

This channel is dedicated to the video games that I enjoy playing. I have a passion for games that require a particular strategy to be successful. RTS games are a great example of this, but anything from MMORPG's to Action RPG's require a certain mindset to enjoy the depths of the game fully.

The core of the channel is StarCraft. It's my favourite game of all time and the one game that I have played more than anything else (besides maybe Runescape, way back in the day). However, I have always played other games and while I used to upload exclusively StarCraft 2 those other games are now also being uploaded on this channel.

I provide gaming commentary for games that require a particular strategy and mindset and help you improve in games faster. Besides teaching I always try to make this process as fun as possible.

Daily content on Monday to Saturday. Sunday is (usually) my day off.
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