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 .  May 18, 2016 by YouNet Company
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Native landscaping conserves water, supports biodiversity and preserves authentic natural beauty.

LIFE has made a series of short films that empower people to transform patios, parkways and yards into spaces that support healthy functioning food webs and ecosystems. We want to empower people to retrofit with native plants that not only make sense for our climate and soils, but also feed the birds, butterflies and other creatures that add beauty, life and movement to our gardens.

LIFE Vision - A Southern California populated by environmentally literate people engaged in sustainable practices to mitigate our water, energy and biodiversity crises.

LIFE Mission - Through video tutorials and public speaking on native gardening, smart irrigation and water catchment, help Southern California communities shift to appropriate practices that reduce water and energy consumption and support biodiversity.

LIFE is a member of the California Urban Water Conservation Council
10 videos