iOS & OS X — Sharing Code / Common Technologies - StuFF mc
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Posted by YouNet Company  . January 5, 2016
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It all started with this Universal iOS App I started building — basically a game for Young Kids. It involved using Store Kit and me hating to not be able to test it on the simulator. Add Game Center to that, the publicly known fact that I'm an OS X Lover, and all of a sudden I had a "really universal" App, looking pretty much the same on iOS than on the Mac, but most importantly sharing a good amount of code. Mostly StoreKit & GameCenter, but also a few parts of the logic by using correctly placed (I think) #defines here and there, so that a NSView and a UIView all of a sudden is "the same beast". Oh yeah, and Categories — mostly to fix Apple's incoherent coherence in APIs. Let me show you a few of the techniques I used.