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'Aquaman': James Wan Shares Photo of Amber Heard as Mera

The character design looks to be ripped straight from the pages of the comic.

Mera has finally emerged from the sea.

In a new shot shared by Aquaman director James Wan, star Amber Heard dons the green, algae-esque outfit of the titular hero's love interest, Mera. This new costume differs in a few ways from Mera's Justice League look.

"Lady MERA swept in from the sea. First day with the exquisite Amber Heard," the director captioned the photo in a tweet.

Sporting a skintight outfit and long, sea-soaked red hair, Heard's character design looks like it was ripped straight from the pages of the comic book. The actress will star alongside Jason Mamoa in the upcoming standalone feature in the DC Extended Universe.

Heard's near-perfect comic translation has fans speculating whether Momoa will don the infamous green-and-yellow tights of his own character. So far, Mamoa's current bearded, tattooed and shirtless Aquaman is a far cry away from the clean cut, blonde-haired version seen in the comics.

Earlier, Heard shared a look at herself sitting in the makeup chair on day one of shooting, captioning the photo, "Over a year of prep, 6 months of training, & countless hrs of denying myself pleasure, aka donuts, has led to this moment."

And a few hours after Wan shared his photo, Heard shared another look at Mera.

For costume comparison's sake, here's the first photo of Heard on the set of Aquaman, followed by her on the Justice League set:

Aquaman is set to swim into theaters in December 2018.

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