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ounded in San Diego, California by our CEO Min-Liang Tan and Robert "Razerguy" Krakoff, Razer began in a tiny shared office with a couple other gamers. Today, we have shipped 11 million connected devices around the world and have grown to over 400 employees with offices in 10 cities across the USA, Asia and Europe.

Our vision from the very beginning was to be the world's greatest gaming brand and we've set out to achieve that by designing the best gaming products that anyone has ever used. Seven million gamers use our products and 20,000 new fervent Razer fans join us every day.


Razer Blade
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The world’s thinnest gaming laptop now features the highest resolution 14” notebook display on the planet.


Razer Blade’s spectacular QHD+ display pumps out 5.76 million pixels for breathtaking clarity, hyper-realistic sharpness, and jaw-dropping color intensity. Now equipped with the highest resolution 14” notebook display available, the Razer Blade provides stunningly beautiful image quality, unspeakably crisp text for documents, and the most intensely realistic gaming possible.
3200 x 1800 Resolution
With so many beautiful pixels before your eyes, it becomes impossible to distinguish individual pixels. The ”screen door” artifacting of lower-resolution displays disappears, and what remains is the most visually stunning notebook display in the world.
5.76 Million Pixels | 262 Pixels Per Inch
The Razer Blade has a staggering 4,320,000 more pixels than its predecessor (4 times as many); Pixel density jumps from 131 pixels per inch (PPI) to 262 PPI.
IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide)
TFT Technology
The Razer Blade’s state-of-the-art IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) display panel technology provides unmatched color and image quality, with amazing 400-nit high brightness from its LED backlight optimized for outdoor use.
Furthermore, IGZO has a significantly faster propagation time than traditional a-Si TFT displays, improving video response for smooth motion video and immersive gameplay.
Wide Viewing Angle
The Razer Blade features an improved wide viewing angle with fast response time for smooth video and blur-free gaming. The display delivers consistent, accurate color from a variety of vantage points. Colors are much more saturated, accurate, and consistent across the whole screen. White uniformly is significantly improved, and contrast ratio jumps 250% from 400:1 to 1000:1.
Intuitive Touchscreen Interface
An ultra-responsive 10-point capacitive multi-touch screen works seamlessly with the new touch interface in Windows 8, placing updates, apps, work and play at your fingertips. Browsing, sorting through pictures, catching up with the latest news, trends, and social updates, or launching a game is a simple flick away for immediate and ultimate convenience.