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O'Neal Fastrack II Motorcycle Helmet with Bluetooth Technology
  • Ultra lightweight fiberglass shell
  • Adjustable multi port flow-through ventilation
  • Two high quality, multi-directional speakers with full stereo sound
  • Washable, removable comfort liner with technical fabric
  • DOT/ECE approved
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O'Neal Fastrack II--Easy Bluetooth Connectivity with a Lightweight, Stylish Design

Stylish and comfortable, the O'Neal Fastrack II helmet features an advanced, lightweight design and comes equipped with an integrated Blinc Bluetooth communication system--allowing riders to talk, listen to music, or hear GPS directions.

Bluetooth Connectivity for Easy Talk, Tunes & GPS

The O'Neal Fastrack II uses the world renowned Blinc brand Bluetooth integrated system. It is perfect for tethering several A2DP devices together. If you are streaming your music via Bluetooth and your phone rings, you can answer or reject it. If you answer, the music stops. When you hang up, it begins playing where it left off. You can also use this device as a 1-to-1 intercom system for rider-to-passenger open mic communication. One of the best features is that each rider can listen to their own music, make their own calls (provided each has a Bluetooth enabled phone), or talk to each other with the intercom feature.

Advanced Design for Superior Comfort and Protection

The Fastrack II is constructed using PrePreg fiberglass and nylon cross woven construction, an advanced manufacturing process typically reserved for exotic Italian cars and high end composite aeronautical parts. This production technique is very rare for motorcycle helmets, and results in an extraordinarily uniform and precise shell design. Each shell is weighed and must be within 50 grams of the stated weight on the back of the helmet in order to pass strict quality controls.

This also results in a shell that is very light weight. Additionally, O'Neal uses three different outer shell sizes throughout the 6 sizes available (XS-2X), ensuring that the helmet looks proportionate on your body. Many other brands only use a single shell size across their different helmet sizes, resulting in a disproportionate look.

The oversized spoiler on the top of the helmet is one of its most clever features. It has been designed to pull the tornadic buffeting that occurs on the rear of all helmets away from the rear of the helmet. This makes the helmet much quieter and more stable at highway speeds.

The interior of the Fastrack II features Quad-Core EPS design. This is composed of five separate pieces of EPS (Expanded Poly Styrene) with four different densities. They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle to create a lightweight helmet that provides superior protection.

The face shield is made to be easy to remove and replace. Simply open the shield, pull the hook tab, and the shield will release. To reinstall it, simply mate the circular center piece in the "up" position and it will snap back into place. This makes changing shields at twilight simple and functional. The clear shield included is treated with both anti-fog and anti-scratch coatings. There are also smoke and chrome shields available for purchase separately. 

Product Description

Stylish yet affordable helmet with built-in Bluetooth and good airflow. The Fastrack II is the second iteration of the popular Oneal Bluetooth helmet that allows Bluetooth compatible GPS, cellular phones and other media devices to easily sync with the system so you can listen to your turn-by-turn directions or stream to the built-in stereo speakers. With no wire hanging out or cumbersome mic against your mouth, the Fastrack II helmet integrates all the communications technology you need into a quality, protective lid. The BLINC Bluetooth module is also a brilliantly simple solution to wirelessly communicate from bike to bike or rider to passenger.