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by Jennifer Lopez
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Screenwriter, author, all around good guy. Passionate about strong plotting and characterization. I see way too many character violations for the sake of moving the plot along. If the writing is strong and thoughtful, it will move the reader/viewer along, engaging them, pulling them in, and making them fans.

My work has been read and vetted by B-movie film legend Bill Rebane, actor Joseph C. Phillips, producer Jeff Faehnle, and David Crowther of Trousers, Inc.


The Revenant
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Bartholomew Johnson is a black American cowboy, homesteading in 1880's New Mexico, when a stranger shows up at his ranch and offers him a “can’t miss” six-shooter. Now Bartholomew (Bat) must decide if his new gun (and his uncanny ability with it) defines who he is, or if his identity is determined in a higher purpose.
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Bartholomew Johnson is homesteading in 1880's New Mexico with is wife and daughters, when a bad storm hits the area. The weather strands a stranger in the area and Bat allows him to stay the night in his barn. As thanks, the stranger gives Bat a beautiful pistol. Bat discovers that the pistol is eerily accurate, and he ends up saving the county sheriff from an assassination attempt. Bat finds that his new efficiency with his pistol allows him some respect and notoriety, but not all good. In a series of confrontations with local gunslingers, thieves, and rustlers, Bat develops a fast-draw gunslinger reputation. He struggles with who society has branded him as, who he has been all his life, who he is now, and who he wants to be.

The story has themes and underlying tones of identity, purpose, value, frustration, fear and redemption.

Limited locations (homestead, wilderness and town). No special effects.