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Dell Inspiron 15R 15.6-Inch Laptop
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Dell Inpiron 15R 15.6-Inch Laptop


Affordable performance

Multitask on a budget
With quick, efficient Intel Celeron processors and Windows 8.1 apps, Bing Smart Search and more, you can turn around tasks easily, whether you’re online or offline.
Charge ahead
Stay powered up long enough to skip the in-flight movie, polish your presentation or drift off to your favorite music with up to 6.25 hours of battery life.

Add it up
A 10-key numeric keypad makes managing spreadsheets and balancing budgets a breeze.

Enhanced viewing


Beautiful display:Get lost in this stunning 15.6" HD WLED screen with 1366x768 resolution and the high-contrast provided by Truelife technology.

Huge hard drive:Pack hours of TV shows, music and movies on the available 500GB hard drive.

Reader at the ready:Can’t find your camera cables? Just upload media files right from your camera’s card with a built-in 4-in-1 media card reader.

Practical ports:Connect to an HDTV or HD monitor with an HDMI 1.4 port for an even bigger home theater experience. Or join MP3 players, cameras, external drives and more with its two available USB 2.0 ports. Please note, the Inspiron 15 has no optical drive, Ethernet port or Bluetooth connectivity.


Designed for the real world — because that's where life happens.

We want you to love your new PC for years to come. That's why we test Inspiron laptops for reliability not just in the places where you expect it, but for the open road ahead.

Turn up the heat:From locker rooms to locked cars, we test Inspiron laptops for survival in harsh short-term heat conditions of up to 65°C/149°F.

Everything hinges on it:We test Inspiron laptop hinges to ensure they still feel tight, even after opening and closing the lid 20,000 times.

Keys to success:We test commonly used keys for 10 million keystrokes and touch pad buttons 1 million times with no failure. So go ahead, finish your novel.

Buttoned up:No matter what you set your power and multimedia buttons to do, we've tested them all to survive up to 40,000 pushes.

Twist and turn:Call us excessive, but after twisting an Inspiron laptop's base and lid more than 25,000 times, we can assure you the parts inside are well protected.

Always a good fit:You'll probably never need to remove and reinstall your Inspiron's battery 750 times, but you can rest easy knowing that we've tested even that.