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Restore Healthcare to 35 Villages in Liberia

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    We are working every day to improve the health and welfare of the people of Margibi County, Liberia with an emphasis on preventative healthcare for women and their children. While focused on community-based preventative care, we also run an acute care clinic from our headquarters in Kakata taking care of the immediate medical needs of over 200,000 people. This year we will finish construction of a new Medical Center, the permanent home for Healthy Women, Healthy Liberia.




    After more than fourteen years of violent conflict in Liberia, peace has been restored, a democratically elected government is in place, and Liberians are moving forward to restore their country. The civil war claimed over 300,000 lives, displacing over 80% of the population and destroying all power, water, school, and hospital facilities.This was followed by the ebola crisis. In Margibi County many people are illiterate, more than 44% of girls have never attended school and there are few jobs


    Dr. Hena , a Liberian born missionary, developed the framework for a Liberian health initiative while living and working as a doctor in Kazakhstan. She returned to Liberia in 2012, establishing a community-based health clinic where she treats immediate and acute health needs. Malaria and diarrhea continue to be the major causes of death with skin problems, anemia, worms, respiratory illnesses, fevers and STDs very common. She is hiring and training healthcare workers to work in the community.

    Long-Term Impact

    Kakata is centrally located at a crossroads with many people travelling to and from the capital, Monrovia. There are four (4) districts in Margibi County, thirty-five (35) communities in which we serve. The staff works in these communities daily, meeting with people, assessing their needs, making referrals to our clinic or other health providers. Education programs are developed as required based on the needs identified in each community for nutrition, sanitation, water safety, and disease.

    Additional Documentation

    This project has provided additional documentation in a PDF file (projdoc.pdf).


    Healthy Women, Healthy LIberia
    Called to Action: A Women's Health Initiative