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Google Cloud Next '17
3/8/17 8:00 AM - 3/10/17 3:00 PM
San Francisco, CA, United States
by Steve McGarden 1 guest 0.0
Host by Steve McGarden/
San Francisco
This year's Google Cloud Next conference will take place from March 8 to March 10, 2017, in San Francisco, CA. This conference is a must for Google Cloud developers and those attending can expect to hear from Google's leaders such as Sundar Pichai, Google's CEO, and Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of Google's parent company, Alphabet. The conference will present you with new ideas, allow you to engage with both experts and peers while introducing you to industry executives, customers, partners, developers, IT decision makers, and Google engineers who will build the future of cloud development.

Big Data & Machine Learning
In these sessions, you will learn from experts about best practices and design patterns for big data and machine learning applications. You will hear in-depth discussions on Hadoop, Spark, BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Datalab, and Cloud ML.

Application Development
Gain an understanding of GCP’s fully-managed serverless application environments like App Engine, Container Engine, and Firebase. In these sessions, you will learn how to extend your applications with APIs from Maps, machine learning, and G Suite. These sessions will also cover how to extend your own APIs and services through the Apigee API management platform.

Infrastructure & Operations
See how Google’s compute, networking, storage, and security services reduce costs, while letting you move faster in today’s competitive market. You will learn how to build on Google’s infrastructure and how our cloud services help you succeed by providing some of the most secure, performant, and environmentally-friendly options for your business.

Collaboration & Productivity
In these sessions, you will learn how to evaluate, implement, and administer G Suite across your organization for better team collaboration. You’ll also learn how Google protects your information, how machine intelligence helps you work smarter and faster, and how you can join the broad array of partners that are building integrations across all of G Suite’s products.

Mobility & Devices
Understand how to better develop, deploy, and manage for the Google ecosystem of devices. Dedicated sessions will teach you how you can make use of the best experiences for the latest generations of devices, platforms, operating systems (Chrome, ChromeOS, and Android) and build for the connected world of IoT.

Connected Business Platforms
Understand the role of APIs in building business platforms through connecting apps, data, and services. Learn how GCP (including Orbitera’s apps and services marketplaces, Bebop’s app development platform, and Apigee’s full lifecycle API platform) provides the foundation for building secure, intelligent products and new business models and channels.

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