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3/17/12 8:00 AM - 3/22/12 12:00 AM
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Ho Chi Minh
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Are you getting an early start on spring cleaning? Don’t know what to do with used books or magazines? Have converted to digital?

Why not donate to EVENT?

EVENT Magazine’s annual fund-raiser will be happening again in 2012 - the week of March 19 - 22 in the NWC Concourse and March 26 & 27 in the David Lam Main Atrium.

All donations of your new or used books, literary journals, magazines, CDs and DVDs will be happily accepted.

Items can be dropped off with Zarine Mistry in room 3308A at the New Westminster Campus or with the Douglas College Foundation in room B3090 at the David Lam Campus.

join this event now!

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