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  • 16 Nov 2016
    Stainless steel rust how to deal with 1: When the surface of stainless steel by grease, oil pollution, you can use a soft cloth to wipe clean, and then use a neutral detergent or ammonia solution cleaning.Stainless steel wire suppliers 2: When the surface of stainless steel rainbow pattern, because the excessive use of detergent or oil caused by washing with warm water neutral detergent can be cleaned.Production Process Of Stainless Steel Wire 3: When the surface of stainless steel dust or easy to go out of the dirt, you can use soap, weak detergent, or ask that rinse. Trademarks, films on stainless steel surfaces When using warm water or weak detergents for cleaning, the binder components should be rinsed with alcohol or an organic solvent.310S Stainless Steel Wire 4: When the stainless steel surface rust stains appear, you can use 10% nitric acid or abrasive detergent can also be cleaned with a special detergent. Therefore, if you want to keep the stainless steel bright, clean surface, while extending its service life, the above points must be done!U0026 4MM THICK ROLLED MILD CARBON STEEL PLATE
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  • 03 Jan 2017
    Stainless steel embossing plate is through the machinery and equipment in the stainless steel plate embossing process, so that the board surface convex pattern. The main material is 201 stainless steel and 304 stainless steel plate.stainless steel sheet and coil supplier   Stainless steel embossing plate for decorative elevator car, subway cars, all kinds of cabin, architectural decoration, metal curtain wall industry.Stainless Steel Sheet Price In China   Easy to clean, maintenance-free, anti-compression, anti-scratches and do not leave finger prints. According to scientific test, stainless steel embossed plate transmission efficiency, anti-scratch, compression performance is better than ordinary stainless steel plate, can reduce the friction of 30% -70%, significantly increased sliding efficiency, and a corresponding reduction in surface wear, You can also extend the life of machinery and equipment!Custom Industrial Reusable Plastic Pallets
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  • 03 Mar 2015
      inexpensive outdoor flooring has increasingly become a place for people to close on a home renovation seriously, when in the end the choice is selected floor wood floors, or wood flooring, and I think also a lot of people are worried and worried, of course, choose solid wood platform There are benefits of wood flooring. However, solid wood flooring must be properly maintained daily maintenance is more troublesome, carefully care, so it is with respect to the wood platform not so much precautions, because the wood flooring itself specifically with this function . Waterproof sunscreen. Anti-corrosion and other notable features. wood plastic floor, natural fiber reinforced thermoplastics abound. Many crops, rice, wheat, kenaf, hemp can be used as a natural filler used in different industries. We need to recognize that the current situation is very bad construction, and how to create better products become particularly important. paneling for walls cheap is a trail logs, harvesting, processing residues and non-woody plant fiber raw material, slicing, cooking, fiber separation, urea-formaldehyde resin or other suitable adhesive is applied and dried, and then after a hot made kinds of man-made sheet.
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  • 27 Jan 2015
      wood plastic composite decking, Europe, Japan and other regions from the beginning of the 1970s had already made with plastic sheets, but most of them are not recycled plastic, because there are technical problems. In Japan, almost all the hotels in the bathroom tub, toilet, etc. are made with a plastic sheet, because they are very light texture, the earthquake in Japan, so many countries, even if people do not have to hit too much damage. Wood's performance advantage in what areas: composite privacy fence panels lowest loss: WPC is a profile, you can according to customer needs, the length of material production to meet customer needs. WPC is the same case, less is more: an analogy, general outdoor floor coverings, under the choice of wood, the wood needs about 45MM thickness. The wood is only necessary material thickness 25MM, 45MM strength than wood preservative. In other words, is the use of one cubic meter of wood if it is, then the wood will need only about 0.5 cubic meters. As for the hardness and strength, such outdoor composite decking impact strength higher than the average sheet. Retardant materials and insulation, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, easy to wear. In the span afraid of the sun, currently a residential villa facades are used in this material, after the summer high temperature test so far no problems. This is mainly used for wood plastic wood flooring, playground, garden, terrace, sauna, kitchen, garden, living room and other places.
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484 views Apr 27, 2015
Bamboo flooring will give birth to worm?



Some consumers want to install non slip deck material, but still a little concern: Bamboo will vermin, bamboo flooring would you? Bamboo without special treatment, since it contains a lot of sugar, bamboo, bamboo glue, so prone to insects. As for the bamboo flooring will vermin, still have to look at the manufacturer's processing technology. Some flooring manufacturers in the production process through a rigorous sterilization processes, such as adding the right amount of insects and mildew, fluoro-phenol mixture and cook for 6-8 hours, after a rigorous process of carbonation. Bamboo flooring is not like vermin.

The so-called carbonation, the principle is the high strength pvc ceiling lamp exposed to high temperatures, high pressure environment, so bamboo organic substances such as sugar, starch, protein denaturation decomposition, so that fungi and other insects lose nutrient sources, but will also bamboo in eggs fungus killed. Bamboo by high temperature, high pressure after the bamboo fiber coking become bronze, brown or similar. After the surface hardness of carbonized bamboo also enhanced doubled. So buy bamboo flooring is best to pick through the carbonization process. Share articles you may be interested in: What is bamboo flooring? Detailed buy bamboo flooring bamboo flooring bamboo flooring tips in two colors which is better? Bamboo flooring can be used to heat the floor it? Consumers buy bamboo flooring needs to pay attention to what the problem? Experts teach you how to buy high quality bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring dry sizing process: bamboo rough shaped by mildew, corrosion treatment after a very high moisture content must be dried and kiln dried. Drying quality will directly affect the quality of bamboo flooring. Better drying temperature should be between 40-75 ℃, the moisture content of dried bamboo should be preferably between 14% and 16%. The dried bamboo moulders were surrounded by first planed finish, then glue = surface due to the organizational structure of [url=]environmentally friendly wall board[/url] and wood are different, the surface wettability is poor, so bamboo flooring with urea-formaldehyde glue should be better Run moist. Meanwhile, the glue may be appropriate to add revolves Jing in some extenders and fillers, can increase the degree of early gum revolves, but also on the same bamboo layers of tiny hot air from filling the role of enhanced layer after curing toughness.